Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC vs Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro specs comparison

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You won’t face this issue on OLED panels because each pixel in this display type is self-illuminated. By eliminating the need for a backlight and liquid crystals, OLED screens can clock in pixel response a thousand times faster than IPS LCDs. Since this is a 4G LTE device, so unlike 5G devices, your battery life isn’t going to take a hit. Even the $349 Google Pixel 4a is a 4G LTE smartphone that is selling quite well. So maybe the Poco X3 Pro having only LTE connections isn’t too bad a thing.

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The Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro will also be one of the fastest cell phones in the price range under 300 euros in 2022. However, the missing AMOLED screen and the non-existent 5G are shortcomings that need to be weighed up beforehand – especially if you want to use the cell phone for a long time. With the Poco X3 NFC , the Xiaomi subsidiary brand Poco has landed a smartphone price tip under 200 dollars. At first the plan worked and the price tumbled as usual. I still remember the feeling when I saw MIUI for the first time. It’s slugging, not appealing and the bloatware is absolutely out of the world. The animations are pretty smooth, responsive and neat as well.

  • However, some unofficial builds were in circulation and you can try them to change your stock recovery.
  • Plus, it has added advanced multitasking capabilities, allowing users to have up to 14 apps active in the background on flagship phones.
  • If you find yourself in a dire situation, the phone’s ultra battery saving mode should help you eke out a few more hours.
  • With Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro USB driver installed on a Windows PC, you can do various advanced features on your device.

As a solution to this problem, brands have developed new fast charging technologies and increased the power efficiency of devices at the same time. With new fast charging technologies, your device charges quickly and you can continue your use from where you left off. When you have a high-performance device, you can have a much better gaming experience, and it is unlikely that you will encounter problems such as lag during interface transitions. Snapdragon, MediaTek and other manufacturers have designed a number of chipsets. It is a factor that greatly affects your user experience with its ISP, Modem and other features. You may witness a mobile phone being introduced every day. Considering that many devices are introduced in a year, we think that it becomes difficult for people to decide which device to buy.

  • The Redmi Note 10 Pro Max doesn’t measure up to the POCO X3 Pro in terms of gaming, but if you want a stock firmware higher-quality display and camera that takes standout photos, it is the ideal pick.
  • If we talk about its video recording capabilities, it draws our attention that POCO X3 Pro can record higher resolution videos than the new generation POCO X4 Pro.
  • The 48MP primary camera performs well enough, but don’t expect it to perform like a camera champ.
  • It’s no surprise, really, as the Poco X3 Pro houses a 5,160mAh battery – which is massive by any measure.

The lens quartet is topped off by a depth-of-field camera with 2 MP and a macro camera that is activated in the camera settings and then has a fixed focus of 4 cm. However, because it also only has a resolution of 2 MP, its use is quite limited. The main camera takes good pictures in daylight that score points with natural colors and decent image sharpness. Pixel-binning and Night Mode, which can be turned on and off, are intended to improve the light yield in the dark.

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